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Snow White - Tumbled White Marble Pebbles

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Introducing our Snow White Pebble, the epitome of elegance and purity in natural landscaping stones. Imported directly from Greece, these pebbles are crafted from the finest Greek Marble, renowned as the whitest marble on earth. Each pebble is meticulously hand-picked and tumbled to achieve a smooth, pristine texture, ensuring they stand out in any project.

Available in two versatile sizes, our Snow White Pebbles are perfect for a range of applications, from garden pathways to decorative borders and water features. Their unmatched brightness and smooth finish make them an ideal choice for creating stunning visual contrasts in natural landscapes.

Enhance your outdoor spaces with the timeless beauty of Snow White Pebbles – the premier choice in natural stones for discerning landscapers and homeowners alike.

- 44 Lbs covers aprox. 0.55 cu. ft. (see pictures for coverage chart)

- 2200 Lbs (1 pallet) covers aprox. 28 cu. ft. 

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